Simply The Best

I’ve had previous life coaches but I found Rick to be very different from the others. He deeply cared about my progress and dedicated himself to helping me work through some things. He was a great cheerleader, always helping me see my best side when I couldn’t. He doesn’t dole out advice; he asked me some penetrating questions  that caused me to find my own answers. I was familiar with the Law of Attraction but didn’t fully understand it until Rick showed me how to use it to dramatically improve my marriage. I will be eternally grateful for the affect he’s made upon my life!

Amanda Parks

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The Law of Attraction In Business

My VP insisted that I needed help on being a better leader.  So, he asked me to talk to Rick.  I was impressed with his attentiveness and desire to understand me.  I am a great engineer but my VP wanted me to improve how I relate to people.  It was hard to admit but I knew he was right.  Rick introduced me to the Law of Attraction and showed me how my expectations become reality.  He also helped me disable some self-limiting beliefs that were arresting my development.  In just a few months I was able to improve my relationships at work and become the leader my team needed.  It wasn’t easy changing my ways but Rick helped me every step of the way.  His greatest quality is his ability to soothe people’s fears and anxiety.  He had confidence in me when I didn’t.  I can’t tell you how meaningful that was especially since my job was on the line.  Rick’s also coached some of my fellow managers.  We’ve all had very positive experiences with him. Thank you, Rick!

Stella Pearl

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Life Is Like A Beach Ball (not a box of chocolates).

I have been unhappy for much of my life, accepting it as my lot in life.  Resentment and anger became my friends. I was skilled at covering all of this up. My friends and family never knew what was going on inside of me. From the outside I was an accomplished executive business woman with all the symbols of success. Inside I was dying.  In fact, my emotional state started to affect my job and romantic relationships. I could feel it getting worse. Rick helped a colleague of mine and she thought he could help me, too.  I initially resisted his coaching. I’d never heard of the Law of Attraction.  He said that joy and happiness are our natural state of being and that anything other than that requires effort and energy to maintain. He said happiness is like a beach ball whose natural state of being is to float on the water, and that I was exerting energy to keep the beach ball submerged. I couldn’t see how I was consciously exerting energy to be unhappy.  I explained to him how events from my childhood caused me to be this way. To be honest, I became upset when he told me that my negative emotional state was a choice that I was making. Then he said something that changed my life, “Ashley, do you want to be happy or to be right?” Huh? He told me I was arguing for my limitations, leaning on them as an excuse to remain stuck. Deep down, I knew he was right. In that moment I realized that I wasn’t taking accountability for my emotional life. It was much easier to blame events, people, and circumstances for my unhappiness.

After that awakening, the coaching sessions took on a new meaning.  I was open to the tools and processes Rick was teaching me. I could see how he had been patient, supportive, and reassuring to me; being my biggest advocate when I couldn’t do it for myself.  Eventually, I was able to let go of my negative emotions and allow my joy to spring forth for the first time in my life. Hello beach ball! My family, friends, and co-workers noticed the difference in me. The energy I had been expending to keep myself unhappy was redirected into enjoying a brand new life. Words can’t describe how it now feels to have joy, peace, and happiness; all without trying!  Thank you Law of Attraction! And do I get down?  Sure, occasionally and that’s why I now talk with Rick once a month in a maintenance mode to keep me on the right path. Rick has a saying, “You can’t go back and create a new beginning, but you can start now and create a brand new ending.”  Using the Law of Attraction that he taught me, that’s exactly what I am doing.

Ashley Franklin

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Life After Divorce

When Rick and I started working together my life was like a day-long dental appointment; I was “white knuckling” it through life. It was stressful. Scary. Futile. Painful. Tense. Divorce will do that to you. I’d been to therapists in the past but decided to try life coaching this time. I didn’t know what it was about but a friend recommended Rick to me and I figured I had nothing to lose.  One thing I noticed right away was how insightful he is.  He got to the heart of the beliefs that we holding me back–beliefs I wasn’t even aware of!  I could see how they contributed to my divorce.  Ouch!  I could write a volume about what I’ve learned about myself.  My biggest takeaway from our sessions were the tools that Rick taught me; processes to cultivate and maintain joy in my life, and one key process to keep me out of the depression pit. I didn’t know what the Law of Attraction was but I am so glad he told me about it and then showed me how to use it to manifest whatever I desire.  It works!  It’s been six months since my divorce and I am feeling confident and eager for my future.

Dora Ramirez

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Red Ruby Slippers

I feel like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz!  I finally have the knowledge and skills to manifest my hopes, goals, and dreams.  When I contacted Rick it was for help getting me get out of $63,000 of debt. I was feeling like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Scared!  I made huge progress in just a few months as I uncovered the beliefs that were sabotaging my success.  The big bonus was seeing how the processes he was teaching me could also be applied to any part of my life–career, relationships, health, anything.  I was skeptical at first because the things he was teaching me seemed too simple to be so life-changing.  I learned how to use my thoughts to change my life.  Well, I’m halfway out of debt and enjoying my life like never before!  Rick kept telling me that life is meant to be joyful.  I now know what that feels like.  One of the things I like the most about him is his deep, sincere desire to help others.  Thank you, Rick.  My life will never be the same!

Janice Blackwell

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Found My Soul Mate

When it came to dating men you could say that I was a ship without a sail…..and without a rudder, truth be known.  Perpetually lost.  All the other parts of my life made sense. A successful career. Very nice home. A BMW.  Nice clothes.  But when it came to men I’d never had any success.  It was one failed relationship after another.  I always blamed the guys but Rick helped me to see what I was doing to attract them into my life.  It wasn’t easy to look at myself in the mirror but it was essential to my journey.  Rick helped me to see what I couldn’t see.  I was hoping that a man was going to make my life better, that he was gong to complete me.  Rick told me that I couldn’t be truly happy with another until I was happy with myself first.  It’s now been six months and I am thrilled to say that I found my soul mate.  Thank you, Rick.  You rock!

Suzi Alden

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